Lotus Counseling Services is located in downtown Caldwell, overlooking the new Indian Creek Plaza. 

Individual and family counseling is offered as well as clinical supervision to newly licensed social workers working toward hours needed for advanced licensing.

My primary focus is with grief and loss, self-harm behaviors, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and depression, addictions, relationships, and life transitions.

I use a variety of therapy techniques throughout therapy, which involve listening and allowing my clients to share and process as well as drawing, writing, coloring, playing, walking, role-playing scenarios, practicing coping skills, or anything else to motivate transformation. In my experience, effective and life-long change occurs when cognitive and non-cognitive therapies are combined in the counseling process.

I practice from the concept that the core of recovery from life challenges are based on our relationships with not only others, but with ourselves. It’s through re-establishing, building or coming to terms with the state of these relationships that we can progress.

As a therapist, my greatest strength is being able to accept people for who they are and honor their past as well as meeting them where they are in the present. My primary role here is to help you learn the tools you need to empower you to be the best version of yourself.

This is your life and YOU are the expert.


In 2004, I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Boise State University and in 2012 I graduated from Northwest Nazarene University with a Master’s Degree in Social Work.

I have experience in juvenile corrections, hospice, outpatient substance use disorder treatment, and community mental health.

I have extensive training in suicide prevention, addictions, trauma and grief and loss.

  • Christian counseling is available upon request